Singapore is well known internationally as a food paradise and
its cuisine scene is a composite of flavours stirred into a culinary melting pot like no other.
Singapore’s rich culture and heritage can be found in her famous local dishes.

Yong Chuan Food Industries is proud to offer these ethnic delights
in the form of ready-to-use sauce kits.

A Singapore Brand that represent our local hawker delights
well-loved by many tourists and local Singaporeans.

 Our mission is to develop and produce sauces that allow  everyone to enjoy authentic dishes anywhere in the world with  cooking made easy without compromising
the original local  flavors & taste

Fueled with the passion to promote these authentic recipes  which takes hours to prepare, we aim to develop products that  provide a quick and convenient solution to the modern  lifestyle .


The happy belly series sauce kits have all the essential elements needed for authentic Singaporean cuisine anytime, anywhere. Made from fresh, premium ingredients and based on traditional recipes, these easy-to-use range of paste and sauces can allow everyone, including beginners to rustle up delicious meal within a short time. These sauce kits are not too different to what goes into your favourite Singapore dishes from scratch but it is a whole lot quicker, providing the ultimate convenience. Perfect for Singaporeans who are missing their favourite iconic dishes when they are away from home and anyone around the globe to have a taste of Singapore’s local flavours.

Happy Belly sauce kits are highly versatile, they allow you to throw a quick and tasty meal together. Or even better, tap on your own creativity, you can experiment and recreate your classic dish by adding a fresh twist to it. Each recipe is dilligently crafted by our dedicated R&D team which comprises of food technologists and master chefs.


Yong Chuan Food Industries Pte Ltd was founded in 2005 by a  team of professionals who have more than 20 years of experience  in the sauce manufacturing industry. Today over a decade, we specializes in manufacturing over 100  variety of sauces ranging from cooking sauces , dipping sauces  and instant ready pastes for private labels .