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Yong Chuan Food Industries

A Singapore Brand that represent our local hawker delights well-loved by many tourists and local Singaporeans.

Our mission is to develop and produce sauces that allow  everyone to enjoy authentic dishes anywhere in the world with  cooking made easy without compromising the original local  flavors & taste

Fueled with the passion to promote these authentic recipes  which takes hours to prepare, we aim to develop products that  provide a quick and convenient solution to the modern lifestyle .

Driven by our passion for bringing exquisite flavours and aromas to the masses, Yong Chuan Food Industries Pte Ltd has been continuously innovating and improving in manufacturing Asian Sauces of authentic quality. With rich tradition and vast experience, we have a wide range of great products in sauces, dips and condiments that are used by many caterers, restaurants and cafes. We currently manufacture over 50 variety of sauces for leading brands across South East Asia and is also appointed as the exclusive manufacturer for brand owners across Europe, Australia and the Middle East.


HACCP(BSI) Certified for International Food Safety Standards.


We have also obtained full certification of HACCP (BSI) for international food safety standard. In order to ensure that our products consistently meet with Singapore’s stringent standards and legislations, we sent samples of our production for standard tests by approved independent food laboratories.

Our factory, is designed for Good Manufacturing Practice and audited periodically by International clients besides HACCP (BSI) surveillance audits. Bridging the gap for delectable authentic Singapore signature dishes, we are also certified as Halal food manufacturer and accredited by MUIS so that our products can be enjoyed by all.

As with every top chef would say,it’s not the ingredients you taste in yummy good food, but the passion that has gone into putting them together.

The same idea goes into developing our products. Other than sourcing for the best ingredients, our passion serves as a catalyst on our quest to acquire the finest flavours for all of our products. Behind every one of Yong Chuan’s product is a team that is dedicated to earn our customers’ trust with products of the highest quality. We are committed to giving the best to our customers by supporting food service product development, food safety and overall quality. Our commitment to quality control requires our daily production to be checked and monitored by our production manager.  For quality assurance, our in-house research and development laboratory is set up to work on updating quality standards, controls and systems to address new levels of quality requirements.


Our Vision for the Future of Sauce

The tasks ahead for Yong Chuan Food Industries are to continue exploring more growth opportunities from the region and possible the rest of the globe by associating ourselves with conglomerates and joint-ventures.  We are completely focused on excellence in innovation, quality, taste and flavour. Our mission is to produce quality products at reasonable price and to achieve profitability for all stakeholders.

At Yong Chuan Food Industries, we develop, own and control some of the unique high quality product formulae. We are pleased to make them available for manufacturing and labelling for your business’ private label program. You can manage your own brand without the cost and time commitment of product development and manufacturing; allowing brand owner to focus on brand building and devote their time to management and marketing, while eliminating the huge expense and responsibility of operating a production facility.

We work hard to ensure you have the best products standing behind your name. If you have an interest in developing on new brand products, please feel free to reach out to us.

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